Percentage increase in reported COVID-19 deaths July 31-Aug. 31 Canada: 2.19%

In the United States: 20.53%

Worldwide: 26.42%[i]


Countries reporting more than 100% increase in COVID-19 cases for August: Seven

Country with greatest increase: Ethiopia 204.1%

Country with second greatest increase: Philippines 150.9%[ii]


Percentage increase in reported COVID-19 cases in Canada July 31-Aug. 31: 11.7%

Province with greatest increase July 31-Aug.31: Manitoba 196.8%

Second largest: British Columbia 61.2%

Nova Scotia increase: 1.68%[iii]


Percentage increase in U.S. COVID-19 cases in August: 34.6%

Number of countries in 37-nation Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) with case increases higher than U.S: 14

OECD country with largest percentage increase: Greece 130.4%

Second greatest: Slovak Republic 70.9%: [iv]


Global increase in billionaires during COVID-19 pandemic: From 614 to 643

Increase in total wealth of billionaires during pandemic: $685 billion (U.S.)

Estimated wealth of Amazon’s Jeff Bezos at beginning of pandemic: $113 billion

Estimated wealth September 3, 2020: $206 billion[v]


Canada’s August employment rate: 58.0%

Nova Scotia’s August employment rate: 54.3%

Rank of Nova Scotia employment rate among Canadian provinces: Ninth

Change in full-time employment in Canada in August:+205,800

Change in Nova Scotia: -1,600[vi]


Median family income Canada 2018: $61,400

Percentage change since 2013: +6.41%

Median family income Nova Scotia 2018: $52,200

Percentage change since 2013: +1.95%

Number of Nova Scotians in low income in 2018: 176,720

Change from 2013: +8,770[vii]



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