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Hype abounds as oil “crisis” trumps climate emergency

Would that the environmental crisis posed by global warming could pass so quickly. After a couple of weeks of national teeth gnashing over the plight of Canada’s oil industry it turns out that the economic Apocalypse will be delayed, if not cancelled altogether. As last week ended, we learned that contrary to the drumbeat of the doomsayers, Alberta was not on the eve of destruction and that Canadian oil was no longer being sold at fire sale prices. The most dramatic onslaught of contrary facts came via Stats Canada’s December labour force report. It revealed that not only is...

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Should the rest of Canada feel sorry for Alberta? Let’s wait and see

Globe and Mail columnist Gary Mason has a timely piece in Wednesday’s edition. Headlined “No one should feel sorry for Alberta” his commentary serves as a preemptive sortie again the emergence of Jason Kenney as the new leader of the United (in rage) Conservative Party of Alberta. As Mason sees it, Kenney rose to power with a narrative formed by the notion that “the province is a shell of its former self: the NDP has ruined everything: the rest of the country is against us but we won’t be on our knees much longer. Mr. Kenney will Make Alberta...

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Globe’s poor reporting ramps up pipeline stakes

The Globe and Mail, which claims to be Canada’s national newspaper, seems intent on casting the western provinces as economic basket cases in desperate need of help from the rest of the nation. Last week, the newspaper headlined a piece about a monthly uptick in Employment Insurance claims from Alberta and Saskatchewan with a headline proclaiming: “Employment Insurance numbers paint grisly picture in Alberta, Saskatchewan.”   The gruesome details? Saskatchewan’s 14,900 recipients were up 4.5% month-over-month, but still totaled about half of Nova Scotia’s 28,450 recipients. The 61,300 recipients for the entire province of Alberta, although double the number a...

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