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Book lays out hard truths about region’s plight

The book has been around for a while but Richard Saillant’s A Tale of Two Countries takes on fresh relevance in the wake of those unfortunate health side deals signed last month by three of the four Atlantic provinces. Saillant, director of the Donald J. Savoie Institute at the University of Moncton, exposes what he calls The Great Demographic Imbalance looming over the country. His book, which came out from Nimbus Publishing about six months ago, details the dire effect this region’s aging baby boom generation will have both on our costs of social services and our economy’s capacity to pay...

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Islanders tolled heavily, while Montrealers drive free?

P.E.I Senator Percy Downe is making a one-man argument for the usefulness of the Canadian Senate. Downe, a career political hack appointed to the Senate in 2003, is doing what Canadian senators were originally supposed to do. He’s standing up for regional interests in Ottawa. In the beginning, the Senate was set up – with the U.S. model in mind – to give the smaller provinces some leverage in the parliamentary system. They received a disproportionate number of seats in the Senate to offset the rep-by-pop dominance of Ontario and Quebec in the House of Commons. Thus, while MPs...

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Maritime Transit gets the shaft from Federal Government

Down here in Liberal land, getting the shaft from the federal government can come as a surprise. With no political opposition and just the remnants of a vigilant media to raise the alarm, nasty shocks can arrive without warning. This past week the CBC reported on the trials and troubles of Trius Transit, which has a contract to operate public transit for Charlottetown and environs. Company owner Mike Cassidy had planned to take advantage of the big ticket federal transit infrastructure program to put ten new vehicles on the road. He made the plans based on the assumption that...

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Richard Starr, The man behind the Point

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RICHARD STARR has had careers as a journalist, public servant, broadcaster, political staffer and freelance policy adviser. He is author of numerous newspaper and magazine articles, a former radio and TV producer and weekly newspaper editor, and the author of three non-fiction books. Starr has lived in Dartmouth for more than 30 years.

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