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Remembering Richard
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Remembering Richard

An informal portrait of Richard Hatfield by his friends, family and colleagues

Edited by Nancy Southam

$12.99 Hardback
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Richard Hatfield was a fascinating and flamboyant politician, equally at home on the dance floor of a New York club or a Tehran market as on the floor of the New Brunswick legislature.
As a friend, family relation, and all-hours talker, Richard Hatfield was special to those who knew him. In this book, he emerges as a complex, intriguing and attractive man. He had a wonderful sense of fun and an eclectic interest in the world and its people. He was a late-night carouser, an adventurer, a monarchist and friend of Queen Elizabeth, a chef, and an unabashed fan of artists, writers, craftspeople and musicians.
Remembering Richard is an entertaining and moving portrait of an impressive character, and at the same time a vibrant inside picture of Canadian public life and political backrooms in the 1960s, 70s and 80s.

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Publication Details:

Binding: Hardback, 170 pages
Publication Date: 1st January 1993
ISBN: 9780887802379
Format: 9.25in x 6.25in

BISAC Code:, BIO010000, HIS006000
Imprint: Formac


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