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Stephen Davidson

STEPHEN DAVIDSON is the author of Birchtown and the Black Loyalist Experience: From 1775 to the Present, an illustrated book telling the story of Nova Scotia’s Black Loyalists and the Birchtown settlement. He is also the author of The Burdens of Loyaty, and a contributor to the Dictionary of Canadian Biography. His research speciality is on the history of the Loyalists’ experience. Stephen lives in Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia.

Black Loyalists in New Brunswick

Some Black Loyalists who arrived in New Brunswick, abandoned freedom and became indentured, for guarantees of stability and security in a new, unknown land.

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Birchtown and the Black Loyalist Experience

This book describes the experiences of Black Loyalists who took up the British offer of freedom in exchange for their support in the American Revolution. Some fleeing from slavery, the Black Loyalists encountered hardships, racism, and neglect at the hands of the British authorities.

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