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The Halifax Citadel
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The Halifax Citadel

Portrait of a Military Fortress

By Brian Cuthbertson, Photographs by Julian Beveridge

$16.95 Paperback
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Series: Formac Illustrated History

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The Halifax Citadel was a great bastion of the British Empire, the impregnable shield of the "Warden of the North".
Today it is one of Canada's most famous landmarks: every year thousands visit the star-shaped fortress, watch the traditional firing of the noon-day gun and roam the ramparts and the fortified buildings where British soldiers were once garrisoned. They watch the re-enactment of military exercises by men and women in authentic 19th-century military uniforms, and enjoy the music of the pipe band in the Parade. This richly-illustrated history conveys the lively martial pageantry of this unparalleled attraction.
This book offers background on the Halifax Citadel and its history, exploring the lives of soldiers and their families stationed in Hailfax in the 19th century.



Part 1

Chapter 1. Tour of Halifax Citadel
Chapter 2. A Soldier's Life in the Halifax Citadel
Chapter 3. Imperial Town and Garrison

Part 2

Chapter 4. A City Founded and a Citadel Erected
Chapter 5. The Fourth Citadel


By not romanticizing [soldiers' experiences, the author offers readers a candid insight into the time period. Many of the photographs and illustrations are also eye-catcing and well-chosen.

- Lisa Doucet Canadian Review of Materials

Wonderful book, full of pictures... Great pictures, great history, lots of interesting tidbits... Lots of really interesting things that I'd forgotten... Great book to read before you go there... great illustrations

- Book Panel CBC Information Morning

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Publication Details:

Binding: Paperback, 72 pages
Publication Date: 5th June 2001
ISBN: 9780887805172
Format: 9in x 8.25in
illustrated with colour photographs and historical visuals

BISAC Code:, HIS027130, TRV006000
Imprint: Formac


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