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Budget office sheds fresh light on public debt and private wealth

The Parliamentary Budget Office, about the only worthwhile thing to emerge from nine years of the Harper Conservatives, issued two significant reports last week. The first was the latest scenario for the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on federal finances. It showed that despite what seems like a never-ending stream of spending commitments from Ottawa, the country’s fiscal outlook has improved. A second PBO report was even more enlightening, providing at least a partial answer to the question of how to pay not only for COVID-19-related assistance but also for mending holes in the social safety net exposed by the pandemic....

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Campaign notes: Balanced budget brouhaha helps Harper

The federal election campaign took a turn for the worse last week. The focus shifted from the Duffy trail – a daily reminder of the moral and ethical bankruptcy of the Harper government – to a debate about balancing the federal budget in the short term. That trivial tiff mainly pitted Trudeau against Mulcair with the media’s appetite whetted by the man-bites-dog discovery that Mulcair, of the stereotypical big-spending party, is dead keen for balancing the books. The media’s focus on NDP-Liberal sparring was great news for Harper, a development astutely captured by Michael deAdder in his Thursday Cabinet...

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Richard Starr, The man behind the Point

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RICHARD STARR has had careers as a journalist, public servant, broadcaster, political staffer and freelance policy adviser. He is author of numerous newspaper and magazine articles, a former radio and TV producer and weekly newspaper editor, and the author of three non-fiction books. Starr has lived in Dartmouth for more than 30 years.

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