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More procedures but wait times for elective surgery remain long

The headline that caught my eye – “Hip, knee replacements spike in Atlantic Canada”- looked like a good news story. The gist of the June 21 Chronicle-Herald piece, based on a report from the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI), was that between 2013 and 2018 the increase in orthopaedic surgeries in three of the four Atlantic Provinces exceeded the 17 per cent national average increase. Newfoundland and Labrador had the biggest increase of any province – 29 per cent – followed by Nova Scotia with a 25 per cent jump and New Brunswick, up 19 per cent. Prince...

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Unfulfilled health care promises piling up

During the 2013 provincial election campaign the Liberals made three big health care promises. They were going to amalgamate nine district health authorities into one, improve wait times for hip and knee replacements and ensure a doctor for every Nova Scotian. Since any one would be hesitant to argue against the latter two planks, the promise about replacing the DHAs with a single authority drew most of the fire from their opponents. Pointing to problems that had come from Alberta’s earlier move to a super board, the NDP predicted all sorts of chaos would ensue. But the amalgamation has...

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