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Federal employment in Atlantic Canada picking up but still down from peak years

Last December I reported that the Atlantic Region was still experiencing a drop in federal employment. Source of that news was the annual “Population of the Federal Public Service by Geographic Region.” That report, to March 31, 2017, indicated that while public service employment had gone up nationally since the Liberals came to power, the number of federal public employees in the Atlantic provinces was down overall. But according to the most recent report from Treasury Board the tide has turned with each Atlantic province showing an increase in 2018. The increases range from a low of 63 in...

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Proclamation confirms Liberals’ anti-labour agenda

For those of us wondering whatever happened to the government Nova Scotians elected three months ago it was a rude reminder. After a sleepy political summer disturbed by few signs of consciousness, the slumbering McNeil government woke up in a grumpy mood last week and, with proclamation of Bill 148, again turned its ire on public sector workers. Signing the proclamation came as no particular surprise after negotiations with the Nova Scotia Government and General Employees Union (NSGEU) broke down a few weeks ago and the union asked for arbitration. In Trumpian terms, the Liberals have been “locked and...

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Money for public services, never public servants

It seems that many in the media barely glanced at last week’s Nova Scotia budget. The rationale was that because it would not be put to a vote, it was more akin to the Liberal election platform than to an actual budget. But if that’s the case – if the budget is indeed the platform – the media and all Nova Scotians should be giving it more than a quick look. The story so far in the run up to the May 30 election is that after three-plus years of telling everyone there is no money the Liberals have...

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Richard Starr, The man behind the Point

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