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Harper gloats while everyone overlooks the main story

After being knocked off course by (as a Prime Minister of the UK once famously put it  “events, dear boy, events,[1]”) the media took their cues from the sign bearers at Conservative rallies. As week seven of the election campaign began, they decided that the “economy” was once again the issue. Having the economy front and centre seems to work to the Conservatives’ advantage. Why else would they have ads and backdrops featuring people with faded-looking signs that say “Protect Our Economy?” And when they have the opposition parties attacking each other’s economic policies, can it get any better?...

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Out-migration, debt downloading and more – Happy Canada Day

Usually I try to provide readers with short essays on the issues of the day. But while doing research or monitoring the media I come across items  that have been ignored or inadequately covered in the media, or provide updates to subjects dealt with in the Nova Scotia Observer. This being Canada Day, here are some items that shed some light on the state of the federation and Nova Scotia’s place in it. Still Alberta bound This may have been reported somewhere in the local media, but if it was I missed it. StatsCanada released its Quarterly Demographic Statistics...

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Richard Starr, The man behind the Point

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RICHARD STARR has had careers as a journalist, public servant, broadcaster, political staffer and freelance policy adviser. He is author of numerous newspaper and magazine articles, a former radio and TV producer and weekly newspaper editor, and the author of three non-fiction books. Starr has lived in Dartmouth for more than 30 years.

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