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Democracy in Nova Scotia: Still Closed Until Further Notice

The theme of recent COVID-19 updates in Nova Scotia has been “opening up.” Opening up the economy and opening up society have been on the agenda. But opening up democracy – not so much. Indeed, the past week provided more evidence, if more is needed, of Premier McNeil’s disdain for the views of others. Sadly but not surprisingly, the Premier held firm in his opposition to a public inquiry into last month’s mass shooting, despite calls from both opposition parties in the legislature and a host of civil society groups. Ditto to a public inquiry into long-term care homes....

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Updated post-election Nova Scotia Budget a case of deja vu – but worse

Driving back to Dartmouth from last Tuesday’s provincial budget lockup at Pier 21 we were required, like the rest of the traffic, to slow down because of the construction project that has turned Water Street into an obstacle course. The bottleneck caused by the Queen’s Marque construction simply added insult to injury. We “stakeholders,” like members of the legislature and everyday Nova Scotians of less exalted status had just been briefed on the revised provincial budget for 2017-18. It was the updated version of the one that was introduced in April but not passed because the Liberals preferred going...

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Same old song from the AG – and it’s still off key

The provincial Auditor General delivered another of his regular reports on matters financial last week, and once again sermonized about our dire fiscal condition. It marked the second time in less than a year that Michael Pickup saw fit to spice up an otherwise routine presentation with his own headline-grabbing views about Nova Scotia’s finances. And just as he did last February, the AG  left out facts that would get in the way of his dour analysis. As argued in my post of Feb. 26 (“New AG picks up where Lapointe left off”) Pickup’s initial foray into the politically-loaded...

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