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Update to Memory Lane: When cutting sulphur dioxide pollution was all the rage

Note to readers: An earlier version of this piece was based on a misleading exhibit before the Utility and Review Board, indicating that sulphur dioxide emissions would be allowed to rise from about 60,000 to 90,000 tonnes in 2021 and 2022. A Nova Scotia Power spokesperson reports that the 90,000 figure was for two years – an average of 45,000 per year. There was a blast from the past earlier this month when Jennifer Henderson reported for the Halifax Examiner that the McNeil government is intending to allow Nova Scotia Power increase its emissions of sulphur dioxide, aka SO2....

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Despite Sustainable Development Act rhetoric Nova Scotia coal use increases

I don’t know enough about our provincial Liberal government’s overall record on the environment to pronounce on it with any confidence. I have, however, been following their performance on climate change. I know how I feel about it, but finding the right word is a challenge. Perhaps adjectives like “duplicitous” or “contemptuous” are too strong. But consider this. A couple of weeks ago the legislature approved the Sustainable Development Act. Introduced and passed over a mere five sitting days, it was panned by the opposition as a step backward for overall environmental stewardship but touted by the government as...

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NDP and Green climate plans gloss over emissions from oil and gas production

A while back I surmised that a return to politics by Svend Robinson would mean the NDP carrying a tougher position on climate change into the federal election campaign. Although that still could happen, last week’s campaign-style release of the party’s 22-page Climate Plan “Power to Change, ” put that idea in jeopardy. In January this year Robinson marked his return to electoral politics with a statement that is simply common sense if this country is serious about living up to its decade-old commitment of reducing its GHG emissions by something in the order of 30 per cent over...

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Climate chaos: Kenney aims to make a bad situation worse

Among the several examples of foolery – cutting off oil to B.C., a referendum on equalization – that accompanied his swearing-in as Premier of Alberta last week, one statement by Jason Kenney stood out. The man who had pledged to spend multi-millions on a war room to attack those who say anything negative about the oil industry declared the need “to strike the right balance between environmental protection and economic growth.” In a story under the headline “Kenney vows to restore balance,” the Globe and Mail reported Kenney’s assertion that “there is no balance in Alberta right now” but...

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Hype abounds as oil “crisis” trumps climate emergency

Would that the environmental crisis posed by global warming could pass so quickly. After a couple of weeks of national teeth gnashing over the plight of Canada’s oil industry it turns out that the economic Apocalypse will be delayed, if not cancelled altogether. As last week ended, we learned that contrary to the drumbeat of the doomsayers, Alberta was not on the eve of destruction and that Canadian oil was no longer being sold at fire sale prices. The most dramatic onslaught of contrary facts came via Stats Canada’s December labour force report. It revealed that not only is...

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