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The carbon tax: “Devastation” coming soon, bearing cheques from Ottawa

The Carbon Tax – known by supporters as the Price on Pollution – doesn’t arrive to Nova Scotia and the other Atlantic provinces until Canada Day, but the silly political posturing is already well under way.  I had to do a double take last week when Liberal Leader Zach Churchill, accompanied by most of his caucus, called in the media to say bad things about the tax while trying to pin the responsibility for the impending calamity on Tim Houston and the PCs.    Considering that it’s the federal Liberals who are bringing in the measure one might expect...

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Obsession with larger vehicles has gone into overdrive

Disconnect between concern about climate change and the vehicles people drive keeps growing. In 2018 I noted a couple of troubling Canadian transportation trends – the number of registered road vehicles is increasing faster than the population and SUVs and their ilk are increasingly taking over the roads. The drift continues. Between 2017 and 2018, Canada’s human population increase of 1.41 per cent was outpaced by a 2.01 per cent increase in registered road vehicles. In Nova Scotia, where population growth has become a fixation, the number of humans grew by only 0.96 per cent, while cars on the...

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Lowered political temperature bodes poorly for warming climate

The sweet sounds of reconciliation between the re-elected Trudeau government and the leaders of the oil-producing provinces, which began immediately after the fall election, are continuing apace. After an earlier meeting in Ottawa with Scott Moe during which he delivered a conciliatory message to the truculent Saskatchewan Premier, Justin Trudeau last week sent his ministers on mollifying missions to the lions’ dens of Calgary, Regina and Edmonton. Very little has come out about the Edmonton tête-à-tête between Jason Kenney and Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland. The news clips, which looked tame enough, were mostly about the now-settled CN Rail strike...

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Houston, on carbon tax you’ve got a credibility problem

The federal carbon tax came into effect in four Canadians provinces on Monday April 1, with choreographed expressions of defiance from the usual sources. Front and centre were members of the “Resistance” – the sardonic (I hope) tag Maclean’s magazine attached to its December cover photo of the five middle-aged male Conservatives fighting the carbon tax. And for Monday’s media events, resistance fighters Andrew Scheer and Jason Kenney were joined by a recruit, New Brunswick’s Blaine Higgs who, like the aforementioned depicted premiers Ford, Pallister and Moe, heads a province subject to the federal levy. Meanwhile in Nova Scotia,...

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With First Ministers like these who needs climate change deniers?

Here’s a question. Who sleeps better at night? Those who deny climate change and therefore feel no need to do anything about it? Or those who mouth warnings about its awful impact, then deal with it in a half-baked way? That’s the poser that hovered as I read through the on-line documents that came out of last week’s First Minister’s meeting on climate change. The Prime Minister and the provincial and territorial leaders issued a communiqué that got the impact part right. The document proclaimed that: “Climate change is indisputable, as are the significant impacts it is having in...

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