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Child poverty dips but Nova Scotia income picture remains dismal

Just in time for the self-congratulatory rhetoric of the provincial budget, Statistics Canada released the results of the Canada Income Survey (CIS) for 2018. The latest personal income numbers show that (what else is new?) Nova Scotia remained at the bottom in terms of both poverty rates and median income levels. Only the new figures on child poverty will require any rewrite of the dreary message track of the past couple of years. On that score, when the CIS came out last February it infamously revealed Nova Scotia as the only province in the country with a jump in...

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Poverty reduction: Nova Scotia skunks Liberal garden party

For Nova Scotia Liberals, the devil was definitely in the details. With the opposition and the media having a field day on the SNC-Lavalin fiasco, the federal Liberal government countered with a good news announcement last week. The minister responsible for social development issued a statement proclaiming that the Liberal government has hit its 2020 poverty reduction targets three years early. Based on the latest Canadian Income Survey (CIS) from Stats Canada, the glad tidings from minister Jean-Yves Duclos were spread far and wide by Liberal MPs via twitter. And why not do some self-congratulating? A couple of years...

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Canada’s poverty rate down in 2016 – and new “poverty line” will drop it even further

Almost unnoticed in summer newscasts dominated by NAFTA, pipelines and Trump, Trump and more Trump, the Trudeau government released its Poverty Reduction Strategy a few weeks ago. It was a 100-page document that drew both criticism and accolades. Criticism was mainly around the lack of any dramatic new measures to fight poverty. The Liberals maintain that recently-introduced ┬áincome support programs and their slow developing commitments on what they like to call social infrastructure – things like housing, child care and public transit – will cut in half the number of Canadians living below the poverty line by 2030. That...

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