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Bad economic news finally getting some media attention

If the setback they suffered (down from 40% to 34% of the vote) in the Needham by-election wasn’t enough to worry the McNeil Liberals, recent reports on the economic struggles of Nova Scotians might do the trick. There are a lot more Nova Scotians facing hard times, and they may be itching to send the government a message. A couple of weeks ago the Canadian Payroll Association released the results of a survey revealing the perilous financial state facing many families. The survey found that while many working Canadians are having a tough time making ends meet, Atlantic Canadians...

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Latest jobs report adds to Nova Scotia’s bad economic news

Media coverage of last week’s release of July employment numbers from Statistics Canada focused mainly on the bad news at the national level, where the survey turned up a loss of 31,200 jobs last month. As has become customary lately, Alberta’s contribution to the national employment malaise received a lot of attention as well, including the man-bites-dog revelation that the province’s unemployment rate last month crept past Nova Scotia’s for the first time in recorded (post-1976) history. Taken together, the story lines suggest that, compared to the rest of the country, Nova Scotia’s employment picture is looking up. Unfortunately,...

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Getting government out of the way not working for jobs

The successful provincial Liberal campaign of 2013 was politically brilliant but policy stupid. We had another glimpse of that last week as a roomful of lawyers and experts appeared before the Public Utilities and Review Board to act out a melodrama called “Breaking the Nova Scotia Power monopoly.” The title of the show, which has been burning up time and money for two years now, comes from the Liberal campaign platform. In the real world of power utility regulation “Much Ado about (almost) nothing” would be a more apt title. The likely outcome of all of the activity will...

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Job losses: Don’t just stand there – do nothing!

Politicians who say one thing about an issue while in opposition and something altogether different in government are as common as robins in the springtime. But just because that sort of flip-flopping  has become a political cliche doesn’t make it acceptable. Take the issue of jobs. Back when they were in opposition, the Liberals met every negative monthly  jobs report from Statistics Canada with a press release critical of the Dexter government. Not that such Liberal communiques came out every month. In 2012 the StatsCan monthly reports split 50-50, six up and six down, and the Liberals let the...

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Film tax credit controversy exposes troubling downward trend

I wasn’t planning on getting into the controversy over the film tax credit. What could I say that hasn’t already been said with a combination of passion and reason by the 2,000 souls who demonstrated at the legislature last Wednesday? How could I improve upon the multi-part blogs of Graham Steele who, as Minister of Finance had fended off the same dreaded departmental  bean counters who had finally found an ally in the current boss, Diana Whelan? What more can be said about handout-enriched billionaire John Risley’s colossal hypocrisy on the subject? And how can one add further commentary...

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