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Lyme Disease in Canada
The tick-borne epidemic you need to know about — now!

By (author) Brian Owens

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Everything you need to know about Lyme disease, the ticks that spread it, the epidemic it is causing in Canada — and what we can do about it

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BRIAN OWENS is a science writer and editor who focuses on issues in conservation, the environment and health. His work has appeared in Nature, New Scientist, the Canadian Medical Association Journal, The Lancet and others. He lives with his family in St. Stephen, New Brunswick.

Description for sales people

  • Canadian content on a major health risk
  • Lyme Disease is now epidemic in southern Ontario, southern Quebec and Nova Scotia
  • The latest scientific facts and research explained for a general reader wanting to understand how to avoid ticks, and what to do about a tick bite
  • Embossed cover underlines the tiny size of infection-causing ticks
  • Details on the controversies about Lyme treatment, and background on why dogs but not humans can be vaccinated against the disease
  • Illustrated with colour photographs

Unpublished endorsement

“If someone is looking for their first book on the topic, this would be a good start."

Unpublished endorsement

"There's a lot here that I think will interest people."

- CBC Information Morning Saint John

Unpublished endorsement

"Lyme Disease in Canada is an essential book for every part of Canada."

- Miramichi Reader

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