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Vancouver, Victoria and Whistler Colourguide

Pumpkin & Squash

Many of Canada's best chefs are now celebrate fall with pumpkin and squash dishes on their menus. In this new addition to the Flavours collection of cookbooks, Elaine Elliott and Virginia Lee offer a tantalizing array of recipes drawn from fine restaurants across the country.

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An Arctic Man

Ernie Lyall wrote about the north like no one had ever done before, and his classic text is presented here with an insightful new introduction.

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Maddie Goes To Paris

Maddie is finally getting a break from her family - a trip to France to visit her grandparents.

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Maddie in Danger

Maddie wants to see The Exterminator, an extremely violent movie.

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Maddie in Goal

Maddie dreams of being a hockey goalie. So she tries to convince the all-boys team to let her play.

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Maddie in Hospital

A severe case of gastro-enteritis has put Maddie in hospital and she is afraid.

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Maddie in Trouble

Patrick wants to be the leader of Maddie's gang. What can Maddie do?

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Maddie Needs Her Own Life

Maddie finds herself looking up to an older kid. Her troubles begin when she creates a cover-up for her after-school activities.

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Maddie on TV

When Maddie auditions to be in a TV commercial, she is overjoyed when she's picked for the part. But Maddie soon discovers being on TV isn't what she thought it would be.

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