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For King and Country

Young Will Westley was determined to enlist in the army to make his father proud. But rampant discrimination would prevent him from achieving that goal.

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Oak Island: The 200-year Search for Treasure and Truth

The complete story, richly illustrated in full colour, of Oak Island's mysterious tunnels and shafts, the treasure hunters and the many theories about what was buried there — and why.

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50 Things To Know About the International Space Station

Fascinating insights and details about daily life for the men and women on board the International Space Station.

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East Coast Trees and Shrubs

Featuring detailed and informative illustrations, this guide makes it easy to identify and learn more about the most common and important tree and shrub species in Atlantic Canada, no matter the season.

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25 Family Adventures in Nova Scotia

The best family travel destinations — with tips and tricks for maximum fun.

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East Coast Backyard Nature Guide

A guide to the animals that frequent your yard and the plants that grow wild in your neighbourhood. This fully illustrated field guide includes the East Coast's most common birds, butterflies, mammals, trees, wildflowers and much more.

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