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50 Things To Know About the International Space Station
  • Interest age: 6
  • School grade: 6

Fascinating insights and details about daily life for the men and women on board the International Space Station.

Hardback    $19.95     Pre-Order     View other formats

The East Coast Nature Activity Book for Curious Kids
  • Interest age: 8-12

Entertain the whole family while learning about nature, East Coast style. Includes activities, quizzes, quick facts, jokes and more.

Paperback    $14.95     Pre-Order     View other formats

Camping Chaos
  • Interest age: 6-10
  • School grade: 1

A wasp sting leaves Max hopping up and down with the Super Fidgets and he devises a counting game to distract himself.

Hardback    $14.95     Pre-Order     View other formats

School Trip Squirmies
  • Interest age: 6-10
  • School grade: 1

Max is on a school trip to an art gallery when he gets a case of the Super Fidgets. Unfortunately, he's stuck with the school bully for a partner, but Max's creativity saves the day.

Hardback    $14.95     Pre-Order     View other formats

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