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Titanic Remembered
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Titanic Remembered

The Unsinkable Ship and Halifax

By Alan Ruffman

$16.95 Paperback
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Series: Formac Illustrated History

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The sinking of the ocean-liner Titanic in April of 1912 captured the attention of the world; as the nearest large port to the site of the disaster, Halifax became the focus of the world's grief.

Today, visitors from around the world go to Halifax to see the many unique artefacts of the sinking in the collection of the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, a permanent exhibit that recounts the story of Titanic and the city's role in the disaster. This book, newly updated, describes the extensive search that followed the sinking and examines how people came to terms with the impact of the sinking.

Titanic Remembered offers a unique perspective on the Titanic saga, serving as a valuable illustration of the disaster's tragic aftermath.




1. Triumph of Technology

Transatlantic Luxury
The Empire Port

2. At Sea

Steaming West
Silent Enemy
The Disaster
False Hopes

3. After the Disaster

and Algerine

4. City in Mourning

Halifax Prepares
Cargo of Death
Burial Grounds
Forever Green

5. Passengers

The Puzzle of Identities
George Wright
All Walks of Life
The "Unsinkable" Molly Brown

6. The Story Lives On

Fascination and Discovery
Rusticles and Steel
Halifax's Titanic Sites




"Titanic Remembered by marine geologist Alan Ruffman is a well-written book that offers readers the Canadian connection in the Titanic story. This book is beautifully illustrated with visuals... [I recommend it highly."

- Ann Abel Resource Links

"'s refreshing to find a Titanic product that offers value. Titanic Remembered -- The Unsinkable Ship and Halifax, a glossy 72-page text-and-picture book from Formac, features both original research and never-before-seen-photos. ...several are gems... Ruffman is accurate on points where others have fumbled."

- David Swick The Halifax Daily News

"The entertaining and informative text, numerous old photographs and a selection of contemporary colour views makes Titanic Remembered a necessary addition to the library of any Titanic buff or fan of Canadian history."

- Mike Filey Toronto Sun

"Beautifully designed, this affordable small-format paperback is filled with high quality reproductions of old black and white photos, and images of items from the Marine Museum. But this is much more than a picture book. Because of geographic location, Canadian ships took on the grim task of searching for victims and many of the victims of the disaster are buried in Halifax. Ruffman puts names to the victims, their families and those who helped them, thereby providing a greater understanding of the aftermath of the sinking."

- Maria Kubacki Telegraph-Journal

"To this day people here in the UK are still discovering that they have relatives buried in one of the Halifax Titanic graveyards and this book will help them understand the whole story of the aftermath of the disaster."

- Journal of British Titanic Society

"Titanic enthusiasts -- and especially those with an interest in the Canadian angle -- will welcome this recent addition to the ever-burgeoning Titanic literature.

- Sarah Robertson Canadian Book Review Annual

"Despite of the shattering details, in his publication the experienced marine geologist and historian manages to draw a clear picture of a city in mourning confronted with the sobering task to pick up, identify, catalogue and bury the remainders of one of the greatest marine disasters ever. Alan Ruffman's book is dedicated to all who were lost with impressive emotionality and documentary frankness, reflected in both words and pictures without drifting into triteness or gruesome horror."

- Petra Feyahn From "Der Navigator", (Germany) Translation

"The very effective and extensive use of approximately one hundred photographs many in colour provides a fascinating illustration of the objects, people and locations alluded to in each of the chapters."

- Canadian Review of Materials

ALAN RUFFMAN is a marine geologist who has long been interested in Titanic. He has published in scholarly journals and popular magazines, and he was co-editor of a recent collection on the Halifax Explosion.

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Publication Details:

Binding: Paperback, 72 pages
Publication Date: 8th October 2013
ISBN: 9781459502956
Format: 9in x 8.25in
Illustrated with colour photographs

BISAC Code:, HIS057000, TRA006010, TRA006020
Imprint: Formac


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