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Think Again, Robyn
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Think Again, Robyn

By Hazel Hutchins, Illustrated by Yvonne Cathcart

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Series: Formac First Novels

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Robyn befriends her unpopular classmate Shelly, even though they have very different interests -- Shelly likes dolls! But when Shelly's dad wins tickets to the big hockey game, Shelly suddenly becomes the most popular girl in school. What will their classmates think of Shelly doesn't actually get to attend the game? Will Robyn lie to protect her friend's newfound popularity?


Commended - One of the Year's Best for 2012 -- Resource Links - 2012

"The characters are believable and well-rounded and the dialogue is natural... Readers moving into early chapter books will relate to Shelly's conflict" Rated E, excellent, enduring, everyone should see it!

- Tricia Reese Resource Links

"Hutchins tells the semisweet story without heavy-handedness, while Cathcart provides a bevy of soft black-and-white sketches."

- Booklist (U.S.)

"Large margins, short sentences and appropriate vocabulary make this an accessible and non-threatening starting place for readers new to chapter books... Readers will be able to relate to the struggle of growing up and changing interests." Recommended

- Kate Hackborn CM: Canadian Review of Materials

HAZEL HUTCHINS has written many books for children and has received the Writers Guild of Alberta Award for Children's Literature. She has also been nominated for the Governor General's and Mr. Christie awards. She lives in Canmore, Alberta.YVONNE CATHCART is an illustrator living in Toronto, Ontario. She has illustrated many children's books and also paints and makes animal sculptures and puppets.

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Publication Details:

Binding: Paperback, 64 pages
Publication Date: 12th September 2012
ISBN: 9781459500778
Format: 7.5in x 5in

Binding: Hardback, 64 pages
Publication Date: 2nd November 2012
ISBN: 9781459500785
Format: 7.5in x 5in

Binding: Electronic book text, 64 pages
Publication Date: 12th September 2012
ISBN: 9781459500792
Format: EPUB

BISAC Code:  JUV019000, JUV039060, JUV043000
Imprint: Formac

Interest age: From 6 To 9
Lexile Reading Level: 620


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"young readers will appreciate the accessible text, action-filled black-and-white illustrations and discrete chapters that end on suspenseful notes" — Kirkus Reviews

First Novels are humorous, easy-to-read novels that encourage children to begin reading on their own. The series features vibrant, loveable characters, age-appropriate plots and lively illustrations. The books deal with themes kids face every day such as teasing, friendship, competition and multiculturalism.