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Good For You, Mikey Mite
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Good For You, Mikey Mite

By Gilles Gauthier, Illustrated by Pierre-André Derome, Translated by Sarah Cummins

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Series: Formac First Novels

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Mikey Mite is always in trouble--he gets caught "borrowing" carrots for the class guinea pig, he's always fighting with his teacher Mrs. Gesundheit, and now he's broken his arm in a suspicious accident. Things get so bad that his friend Jenny's parents order her to stay away from him.

But Mikey has got big problems at home with his father, and he needs a friend now more than ever. So when Mikey disappears from school, Jenny sets out to find him--and ends up doing more good than she could have imagined.

Good For You, Mikey Mite! is a story about the difficulties faced by young children whose families struggle with chemical dependencies, and about how friends can help in that struggle.

"Gauthier has created an enjoyable story for young readers while presenting the gritty facts about alcohol addiction... highly recommended."

- Steve Pitt Canadian Book Review Annual

"These [Mikey Mite novels are a treasure. They are child-size editions with bold, easy-to-read type and an accessible format."

- Canadian Book Review Annual

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Publication Details:

Binding: Hardback, 61 pages
Publication Date: 1st January 1996
ISBN: 9780887803710
Format: 7in x 4.25in
Black and white illustrations

Binding: Paperback, 61 pages
Publication Date: 1st January 1996
ISBN: 9780887803703
Format: 7in x 4.25in
Black and white illustrations

BISAC Code:  JUV039050
Imprint: Formac

Interest age: From 5 To 10


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