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The Mystery of Frankenberg's Canadian Airman
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The Mystery of Frankenberg's Canadian Airman

By Peter Hessel, Foreword by Desmond Morton

$34.95 Hardback
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A German-Canadian's search for the truth about the murder of a Canadian airman near his hometown, and his quest for truth, justice and reconciliation in Canada and in Germany
Growing up in Hitler's Germany, Peter Hessel witnessed the Allies' ruthless bombing of his hometown, Chemnitz. Nearly sixty years later in Canada, Hessel heard about a brutal, fatal beating of a nameless Canadian POW in the streets of a small town just a few blocks from where Hessel's own family had taken shelter.
Who was this "unknown Canadian airman," and who were his murderers? Canadian authorities had forgotten the deed and never completed their investigation. Hessel felt compelled to reopen the file. His search for answers to these troubling questions would take him back and forth between Canada and Germany, as he combed through stacks of wartime records and tracked down eyewitnesses.
The Mystery of Frankenberg's Airman is the account of painstaking research in a quest for the truth about an unsolved war crime. As Hessel chronicles his discovery of the airman's identity and details surrounding his death, he also describes the RCAF's role in the destruction of Chemnitz, Dresden, and other cities, and honours not only the 10,000 Canadian airmen who lost their lives for a cause they believed in, but the countless civilians caught under their bombs.
His research leads him to the identity of the murder victim, to the victim's sister, and then to a moving reconciliation where Germans who remember the airman's final days and witnessed his murder participate in a private memorial near the site of his death.
This book offers a nuanced account of the morality of ordinary people, and of the actions of nations at war.

"Peter Hessel's account of the murder of a downed Canadian airman in Nazi Germany reads like a detective novel. At the same time, Hessel paints a stark picture of the Allied bombing campaign, as seen at the personal level on both sides. This he does with sensitivity and credibility; he himself lived through the bombing as a young boy."

- General (Ret'd) Paul Manson

"Peter Hessel writes vividly about what until now has been considered forbidden territory for Canadian authors. An insightful and sensitive story of the "other side" -- the human impact of the Allied bombing of Germany in World War II and the loss of some 10,000 Canadian airman in the process. Forgiving is not easy nor expected, but there is a time when hatred must end and reconciliation begins and is nurtured. Peter Hessel makes this case eloquently and in a fascinating and well-documented read."

- The Honourable Barnett Danson, former Minister of National Defence

"This book is a simultaneously a tragedy, a love story, a war story, a detective story, a look into that German phenomenon known as 'collective guilt' and, perhaps above all, a story of reconciliation between average citizens from former enemy states."

- Paul Gessell Ottawa Citizen

"The book is much more than an account of solving a mystery... Hessel displays a rare understanding of both national [Canadian and German perspectives."

- Brian Bethune Maclean's

" impressive bit of detection...[Peter Hessel has served the cause of truth and justice."

- The Globe and Mail


- The Chronicle Herald

"Hessel is a natural storyteller, and this well-documented, well-researched book will be a great addition to the library of any World War II buff."

- esprit de corps

"An incredible book."

- Sounds Like Canada

"The Mystery of Frankenberg's Canadian Airman is an excellent read, and a worthwhile addition to any library. ... it is a strong personal story of the investigation of a war crime. Given the relative ease with which one determined individual solved the mystery after nearly 60 years, it should cause any reader to pause and ask why it is so difficult to bring other war criminals to justice."

- Canadian Military Journal

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Publication Details:

Binding: Hardback, 248 pages
Publication Date: 2nd September 2005
ISBN: 9781550288841
Format: 9in x 6in
black and white photographs

BISAC Code:  HIS027100, HIS027140, HIS027160
Imprint: Lorimer


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