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Dad's War
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Dad's War

The story of a courageous Canadian youth who flew with Bomber Command

By Dan McCaffery

$34.95 Hardback
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Join young tail gunner Jim McCaffery as he fights to survive the horrors of the air war in Europe.
When James Cyril McCaffery joined the Royal Canadian Air Force and headed off to the Second World War, he expected a rollicking adventure. What he experienced instead was the worst of aerial combat -- in all its violence and danger. He served his country bravely but returned forever changed.
Based on lengthy interviews with his father and the people who served with him and years of tireless research, acclaimed aviation author Dan McCaffery has pieced together his father's career as a tail gunner in Bomber Command. Gunner McCaffery participated in many of the best-known and most controversial actions of the war, including the raid that created the firestorm that destroyed Dresden and killed tens of thousands of civilians. Unlike many of Canada's airmen in Bomber Command, McCaffery survived his tour of duty -- without ever firing his guns in combat. This book is a compelling and emotionally honest look at the horrors of war, and the story of an inexperienced Canadian teenager struggling to cope with the conflict between his beliefs and what he is being asked to do in the name of duty.
Dad's War is an exceptionally written view of the air war over Europe, told from a unique perspective. It goes a long way toward explaining why so many veterans have been reluctant to talk about this period in their lives.

"Dad's War touches upon the personal guilt experienced by someone who firmly believed the bombing of Dresden could never be justified, to the thrill of helping bring food to starving Dutch civilians at the end of the war. Dad's War is informative and easy to read. It has the potential to teach a large audience about the seldom heard and largely unsung role of tail gunners during WWII."

- Airforce Magazine

"Dad's War is a compelling account of air raids over Germany that McCaffery has painstakingly documented using both allied and German war records."

- London Free Press

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Publication Details:

Binding: Hardback, 240 pages
Publication Date: 1st October 2004
ISBN: 9781550288667
Format: 9in x 6in
black and white photographs

BISAC Code:  HIS027100, HIS027160
Imprint: Lorimer


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